5 Training Tips For The Bank of Marin Running Festival
Marisol Pastor-Cabrera

Marisol is an avid running in the Bay Area competing in Spartan Races, trail runs, and obstacle course races with her husband and training partner. In 2016, she teamed up with a group of her friends to run the Bank of Marin Running Festival 10K. For some of them, this would be their first 10K and Marisol became the driving force behind helping them prepare for race day. We asked her to provide some knowledge and share five tips for getting ready for this year’s event. 

1. Train With Friends.
Having someone to partner up during workouts or training sessions is really important to keep each other motivated and accountable. There will be days when you don't feel like running, but your partner could talk you out of the bad mood and help you workout that day (or vice versa). 

2. Test Gear and Conditions.
During your training, try the race day gear, gels, water, shoes (never never never run a race with brand new shoes!) everything you might need, so on race day you are prepared and know what to expect. Including training in different weather conditions so you are prepared for any scenario.

3. Set A Goal. 
Even if it's your first race or you 57th race, set a goal for yourself based on your training or previous races. It could be as simple as no stopping at all or setting a time to hit a PR. Even if your goal is too high, is better than not having a goal at all.  You will feel a great sense of accomplishment by meeting your goal. If you don't reach your goal, at least you tried and ended up in a better place than not having a goal at all. "Shoot for the stars, and if you land on the moon that's quite an accomplishment".

4. Train Hard, Recover Well.
Make sure every week you have a rest day or active rest day where you can let your body relax and give it time to heal and rebuild strength. On race week, start tapering and getting ready for race day by sleeping well, eating healthy (avoid heavy salty food) and hydrate properly. It is better to be "not fit enough" but well rested than in great shape but exhausted. 

5. Celebrate!
Race day is the celebration of all the training and effort you put into preparing for this big day. Be proud of yourself just for getting this far and committing to do this. Keep positive self-talk through your race and enjoy the fresh air, the trees, the views (it's beautiful Marin county!). You are giving yourself a treat by pushing your heart rate up and getting the blood running through your body.  Feel happy for being healthy to run and having this beautiful opportunity to see what you are capable of. Not everyone can accomplish this, so run for those who can't! There's no better feeling than crossing the finish line.

And like Spartans say "you'll know at the finish line!!!" 

Be sure to follow Marisol on social media @s__o__l where she is always posting amazing and inspirational photos from her latest races and training sessions.