For The Love of Running
Audrey Carr

There may not be a more loyal participant of the Titanium Racing and Run Like A Girl Series as Audrey Carr hasn’t missed a single event since she started running five years ago. At age 10 she is already a super runner and we sat down with Audrey to ask her about her love for the sport and her future aspirations.

What do you love most about running and how did you first get started?
What I love most about running is that I'm able to explore beautiful places and it clears my head. I started running  with my Dad when I was little, he ran trail races, and then my best friend was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 5 and her fundraiser was a 5k. I decided to run it with my dad and have been running since.

You have not missed a single Titanium Racing event! Which has been your favorite?
I cannot wait for the next TItanium race and I was so happy when they started Run Like a Girl because it finally got my friends out running with me.  My favorite Run Like a Girl 5k was in Tiburon because it's a beautiful race and it was my best time so far. 

What is the best moment for you on any given race day?
My favorite part of race day is when I'm so tired and I know the finish line is coming up and my adrenaline goes up and I sprint all the way to the end. 

What is it about the RLAG series that makes it so fun?
Run Like a Girl is awesome because it is every kind of runner. Some of my friends have never run and and come try, some are younger girls and their moms, a teacher at my school came with her daughter.-it's for every girl. And they have the best t shirt! 

How are you trying to get your friends and other girls to be interested in running and the RLAG series?
Every time there is a race coming, I tell all of my friends to come join me because it's fun to be a part of, to watch and experience!

Do you have any long term running goals or dreams?
I want to go to Stanford and be on their running team.