Running With My Partner In Crime
Hora Pastor

If we are lucky enough to find someone to share the journey of life with, we are even more lucky to find both a training partner and companion in the same person. For Hora Pastor and his wife Marisol, the running journey is simply an extension of their relationship as the two share an incredible bond and drives and pushes them to new heights. We sat down with Hora and asked him about he and his wife’s special relationship and how the two of them constantly bring the best out of each other. 

How and when did the training partnership happen between you and your wife? Did the partnership happen before you were married? 

We have always been active people. I have played soccer my entire life and Sol (Marisol) used to play roller skate hockey when she was in college. Since we started dating 11 years ago we have been gym partners and train together. In 2013 I did a 13 miles Obstacle course race (Spartan Race) and she was there as an spectator to support  me. Little did she know that she would be at the start line of that same race the following year. Since then, we have run 50+ races total.  We run local 5K, 10K and half marathons to prepare for obstacle course racing events.

What makes training as husband wife different or unique that people might not expect?
Since we know each other so well, we motivate and push each other. Sometimes, I push her too much and she gets mad at me...LOL! We take our training time as our dates. Running and training together has made us create a special bond and I believe our relationship has gotten even stronger since we started racing together. 

What does a typical race day look like for the two of you?
The night before race day, we get our gear ready and go to bed super early to get a good night of sleep. We wake up early in the morning to get ready for the start line. We get to the start line, kiss each other and off we go! Sometimes, when we race together, I help pace my wife and motivate her towards the end to finish strong.

What is your greatest running accomplishment as a couple?
In 2015, we ran a spartan race together in  Austin, Texas. I told her this would be her best race. In the beginning she struggled with some obstacles but I kept encouraging her to keep going. She never gave up, and gave her all. She finished with a PR and thanks to this race, she accomplished to finish the season in the top 150 women in the  Spartan Race Elite point series in the US. 

What was your Bank of Marin Running Festival race day experience like last year?
We had a lot of fun! We invited family and friends to run this race with us. We had couple of friends running their first 10K that day and we had a great time during and after the race.